April 25, 2015

Fort Myers, FL  ---  Gulf Auto Group is proud to announce the re-opening of Affordable Mechanics of SW Florida and a new 10,000sqft indoor car dealership, Britt Koball Quality Motorcars. 

The new auto repair shop boasts 6,000sqft of space to house up to 10 mechanics and several auto detailers. The shop will be equipped with state of the art equipment to handle any job. No job will be too big. The new shop will also allow for much faster, smoother service rates and customers will enjoy an even higher level of service than before.

Britt Koball Quality Motorcars is a brand new indoor dealership that will stock quality, inspected used cars. Our team of mechanics will check every car and repair any issues with those cars, ensuring that your used car buying experience is hassle free and an exciting event. When you buy a car from BKMC, you will be able to hit the road knowing your car has been inspected and updated.

Locations and hours for those locations will be released within 2 weeks and both operations will be open by mid-May.

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