JANUARY 15, 2015

Fort Myers, FL  ---  Britt Koball, co-owner of Gulf Motors of Ft. Myers, has announced his departure from the well known car dealership. Koball will remain the president of the Gulf Motors of Ft. Myers parent company, Gulf Auto Group, Inc., which will shed the Ft. Myers used car dealership within the next 60 days. Co-owner and co-founder Ryan Kennedy will be fully acquiring the operation, which will no longer provide automotive service but will continue in auto sales.

Koball and Gulf Auto Group, Inc. will soon announce a new dealership and auto service center in Fort Myers that will offer customers ultra-competitively priced automobiles and the low-cost auto service that Gulf Auto Group customers have come to love, and an increased level of customer service, including a full-time Customer Service Manager. Few details are available now, although the Affordable Mechanics of SW Florida brand will be held by Gulf Auto Group in the deal and the name will not change. The new store is expected to offer over 70 vehicles and a multi-bay repair facility with many new amenities for customers to enjoy.

Koball is grateful for his partnership with Kennedy, who he considers a close friend. "Ryan Kennedy is a good friend and has been an easy business partner to have, which is not common. I'm thankful for the many years we've had together in business. Going to work has been much more enjoyable with a close friend down the hall. Although we are parting professionally, we remain friends and I wish him the best." 

Current Affordable Mechanics customers can expect to receive a mailer with information on the new facility and where they can go to continue receiving service. 

Gulf Auto Group expects the deal to close no later than March 15, 2015.

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